Watson-Marlow unveils latest chemical metering pump

The Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) has launched the Qdos Conveying Wave Technology (CWT) pump which extends the capabilities of peristaltic pump technology and offers longer service life than traditional tube-based designs.
Qdos CWT pumps achieve their peristaltic motion by working a fluid contact factor that gives the same primary operate as the tube of a standard peristaltic pump. As well because the elimination of vapour locking, the element delivers steady, dependable efficiency, even with fluctuations in ambient temperature and strain.
To achieve the peristaltic pumping motion, the CWT pump head incorporates an EPDM factor somewhat than a tube, which acts in opposition to a PEEK track. The ensuing fluid contact component is subjected to very low stress ranges, permitting the Qdos CWT to offer a longer service life.
Qdos CWT pumps offer high levels of chemical dosing accuracy in water therapy functions. เกจวัดแรงลม introduce chemical compounds, together with sodium hypochlorite for post-chlorination cycles, without the need to overdose. The sealed CWT pump head delivers accurate, linear and repeatable flow and may be very secure as it minimises operator publicity to chemical substances.

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