ProMinent’s DULCONNEX Blue App

When a service provider responsible for the operation, maintenance and servicing of an evaporative cooling plant needed to have greater pump management while rising worker security and technical service effectivity it turned to ProMinent’s smartphone app, DULCONNEX.
As a service supplier, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions (WTS) France is answerable for the operation, upkeep and servicing of all types of vegetation with solutions and companies, including evaporative cooling vegetation. In the case described beneath, Suez just isn’t only responsible for the technical gear and upkeep of the plant, but additionally for on-site technical service within the event of system failures or process malfunctions.
Hygienic operation Evaporative cooling methods carry an increased danger of microorganisms and pathogens, similar to legionella. Warm temperatures between 25° and 50°C favour germination. The disease-causing bacteria are transmitted by way of the evaporating water. The droplets with the pathogens unfold in the air and are inhaled. Even เกจวัดแรงดัน of germs is adequate to trigger serious illnesses similar to Legionnaires’ illness, Legionella pneumonia.
It is due to this fact important to ensure hygienic operation of the evaporative cooling techniques. This is completed by the use of applicable biocides, that are dosed into the cooling water in small efficient portions. Their use is critical to rid the inside of the cooling towers of legionella and to disinfect the cooling water.
ProMinent GmbH’s gamma/ L collection solenoid diaphragm metering pump has been used for years to feed chemicals into the system. Suez workers, who verify the pump settings on site and make changes if essential, have been exposed to high dangers with each use so far because of the chemicals, that are thought of hazardous to well being.
Therefore, the French firm determined to make use of the clever gamma/ X dosing pump with integrated Bluetooth module. The confirmed bestseller not only impresses with its user-friendliness, built-in pressure measurement and precise dosing efficiency. The gamma/ X also has an integrated Bluetooth module that permits distant management of the pump from a protected distance by way of smartphone using the DULCONNEX Blue app. All employees need is an Apple or Android-based mobile gadget (smartphone or tablet) and the free app from ProMinent.
The DULCONNEX Blue App With the assistance of the DULCONNEXBlue app, service technicians can simply control the pumps of the gamma/ X collection by way of smartphone from a secure distance. The mobile app permits central access to all data of the connected devices. This means that the present efficiency information of the system may be referred to as up remotely, settings could be adjusted in real time or the supply fee and dosing amount can be regulated immediately. This offers an excellent benefit particularly in industrial utility areas where pumps are typically troublesome to entry or protected by excessive safety measures. The use of the DULCONNEX Blue app not only increased safety for his or her service technicians, but additionally made the beforehand complex and time-consuming process significantly more environment friendly. This is greatest illustrated by the outline of the service scenario with a conventionally monitored and managed metering pump compared to a service call with a smart app-controlled metering pump.
Without remote entry Generally, in any application where hazardous chemical compounds are processed, pumps must be outfitted with an applicable security cowl to protect employees. Making modifications to the pump settings or viewing the present performance data in these functions is at all times associated with a excessive security threat for the service technician.
Therefore, earlier than using the gamma/ X, when a service case or error/problem message occurred, a plan of measures and safety measures had to be drawn up first and accredited by the operator of the evaporative cooling system earlier than a service technician might make his approach to the system. On web site, he then needed to identify himself, register for entry to the plant and placed on appropriate protecting equipment.
Only after donning the protective gear was access to the evaporative cooling plant concerned granted. There, the service technician learn out the pump values and settings and recorded them manually. After eradicating the protective gear and leaving the system, the manually recorded knowledge then had to be transferred to a digital report.
Remote access via app Since switching to the revolutionary gamma/ X solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump with DULCONNEX Blue, the trouble required for on-site service has been simplified. If no maintenance work needs to be done, the service technician can drive to the vicinity of the manufacturing facility building, authenticate himself from the car and establish a safe connection to the pump via his cell gadget. He accesses the pump values and settings through app and exports all relevant knowledge to a digital report at the touch of a button. The complete creation and approval course of within the framework of a measures and security plan in coordination with the plant operator is eradicated. The danger from contact with chemicals in the process just isn’t only lowered, but averted altogether.
Win-win scenario For the previous 12 months, SUEZ WTS France has been using the confirmed gamma/ X solenoid diaphragm metering pump with Bluetooth perform for the protected and precise feeding of biocides into evaporative cooling methods. Thanks to the progressive pump management through app, it was attainable to considerably shorten the operating and upkeep processes at the vegetation in service, thus saving time and costs. At the same time, the safety of the company’s personal workers was increased and the risk considerably reduced throughout each operation.

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