Innovation Center’s inauguration ceremony

WIKA has opened the Innovation Center in Klingenberg with a ceremony. The new building manifests the Group’s hopes for the future and, with its open architecture and new high-tech laboratories, it opens up new horizons.300 guests were invited to the opening, including the Bavarian Minister-President and other representatives from politics and trade associations. They were …

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Measuring the response times of electrical thermometers

There are many reasons for using electrical thermometers with short response times: optimisation of the efficiency, more efficient utilisation of the working range of a process, avoidance of thermal overload of the process medium. But how are response times measured, what is the normative basis for them and what needs to be taken into account?The …

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Auto Draft

In space- and price-critical applications, the ceramic pressure sensor offers a compact and cost-effective solution for implementing pressure measurement which is embedded in the customer’s application. However, there are some details to consider when integrating the ceramic cell.For example, each sensor must be measured and adjusted (see: “Integration of a pressure sensor element – error …

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