Ongoing maintenance can forestall important failure

Houghton urges pump house owners to make use of fashionable testing and situation monitoring systems corresponding to pump efficiency testing and vibration evaluation.
pressure gauge หน้าปัด 2 นิ้ว at electromechanical specialists Houghton International have highlighted that preventive upkeep is vital to avoiding emergency repairs and expensive downtime.
The firm emphasises the significance of regular maintenance which permits operators to identify seemingly minor points such as worn bearings or a damaged seal which, if not addressed, could shut down an entire system.
Houghton urges pump homeowners to make use of trendy testing and condition monitoring systems corresponding to pump performance testing and vibration evaluation.
A efficiency test can measure the efficiency of the pump system – the ratio of the delivered water horsepower and the brake horsepower delivered to the pump shaft.
pressure gauge วัด แรง ดัน น้ำ is taken into account optimal, whereas 50% or decrease indicates a potential issue.
Vibration analysis will examine vibrations occurring at specific frequencies throughout a large spectrum. A reading of more than 1–2 mm/sec can indicate an issue.
A technician can advise on these areas to make sure optimum efficiency, safety and worth.

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