MAAG Group showcases product portfolio at Chinaplas 2022

As an growing variety of new developments in plastics are being made in China, MAAG Group experts will be on website at Chinaplas 2022 from 25–28 April to reveal the company’s product portfolio for the polymer business.
The MAAG Group’s underwater pelletising system, the PEARLO 350 EAC with liquid-heated die plate for prime capacities, will be on show at Chinaplas 2022. – Image: MAAG

The MAAG Group is a options supplier of pump & filtration methods, pelletising & pulverising methods, recycling techniques and digital options. At Chinaplas, the MAAG team will be in Hall 2.1, at Booth F82, exhibiting and demonstrating the company’s portfolio.
The technology on present will embody the re-engineered MAAG Group extrex gear pumps in x6 class design and the company’s underwater pelletising system, the PEARLO 350 EAC with liquid-heated die plate for top capacities.
ไดอะแฟรม extrex gear pumps in x6 class design have been completely re-engineered and have redesigned elements, from the shafts via to the bearings and seals, and optimised the interplay of the components. Specially developed gear enamel with low compression permit very excessive pressures to be achieved with low shear rates. The result is an extra increase in achievable product quality, volumetric effectivity, as well as production consistency and security.
The PEARLO 350 EAC underwater pelletizing system is designed for top throughputs of 18,000 kg/h of virgin polymer production. The special slicing blade design and optimum water and material circulate circumstances within the slicing chamber provide a homogeneous cooling effect and an excellent pellet quality. Another design function of the PEARLO is the cutting blade advance system, which permits axial movement of the cutter shaft leading to a exact blade advance in addition to a regrinding of the blades throughout production.

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